...I'm so glad you're here, because that means you have at least one special little person in your life that makes your world a better place! That wonderful, tiny human who has you tearing your hair out one minute, but erases it all in seconds with that indescribable smile.

Childhood is so brief - our babies grow and change in the blink of an eye. The days can be long, but the years are short and before you know it they'll be gone. Out into the world for adventue and to create their own family and precious memories. You don't want to forget a single thing about this time - the silly face she always makes, the mischevious grin that tells you he's up to something, that chubby little hand holding yours...


...You need photos!

You could take them yourself - and you do all the time! But somehow you can't always capture that spark - that special something that makes your child unique. And when you do catch it you find that the picture is dark, or blurred, or somehow just not quite right. Or perhaps he just won't co-operate for Mum and refuses to flash that wonderful smile when you want him to!

But don't worry - here's where I can help. Creating beautiful, natural images of your 'little' that show her individual personality and the way she sees and interacts with her world at this point in life...

...so you will always remember.

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