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Holly Rose Photography provides lifestyle photography for families. But what is lifestyle photography all about?


Lifestyle photography doesn’t usually take place in a studio. It takes place in the natural environment of the subject – the family home or back garden, a favourite walking route in your village, the beach. Often its the places as well as the people that make a memory. Being somewhere you’d usually be is likely to make you feel more relaxed too so the images you get are of a relaxed and happy you, not an awkward, uncomfortable you in an artificial environment you’d never really be in.

Capturing Personalities & Natural Expressions

Lifestyle photography aims to capture a little bit of the personality of the subject – be that a human subject or a furry or feathered friend. It’s the opposite of ‘say cheese’! Yes, sometimes we may ask you to look at the camera or in a certain direction, but lots of the time we don’t. People often don’t look themselves when they force a smile and that’s why many people don’t like to look at pictures of themselves – what they see isn’t really what they look like – it’s not their smile, they aren’t relaxed. Lifestyle photography is more about capturing a natural laugh, that expression your son makes when he’s concentrating really hard on something or the way your dog tilts their head to one side when you say ‘walkies’ – these are the things we want to remember about a person – not (usually!) their cheesy ‘Chandler Bing’ grin!

Capturing Relationships

Relationships are the most important things in life. The love between a couple as they

wait for their new arrival, the bond between a mother and daughter, that sibling rivalry

that really means ‘you're my best friend’. Lifestyle photography aims to capture those relationships and document how they change over the years – from snuggling with your newborn, to curling up and sharing a book with your toddler, baking with your 5 year old or sending your teenage daughter off to her school prom. It isn’t always about capturing one moment in time, but many as the years go by, the kids grow up and family relationships grow and change.

Telling a story

Lifestyle photography aims to tell a story about the subject of the images – Who are they? What are they like? What do they enjoy doing? Who do they love? It’s more than just a nice picture of a baby or a dog – it’s memories and moments and relationships that you never want to forget.

So does Lifestyle Photography sound like your cup of tea? Contact Holly Rose Photography today and make those moments last a lifetime. You’ll be so glad you did!

Sally Widdowson

Doncaster Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Holly Rose Photography

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