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“There you go!” said mum, smiling and zipping up the back of my dress. I turned and looked in the mirror at the most beautiful dress I had ever worn. “You look so grown up!” she exclaimed. I grinned, and turned my head so I could see the fancy up-do the hair dresser had created earlier that afternoon.

“Do I look okay?” I asked, suddenly feeling self-concious.

“You look beautiful!” Mum reassured.

I have one photo of that day – buried in amongst my Mum and Dad’s dusty old photo albums on the shelf in the spare room of their house. We dug it out recently and as soon as I saw it all the memories came flooding back – the preperation, excitement, the anticipation of what was to come – not just that evening, but next in life. Mum and I spent hours looking for the perfect dress – the prettiest, most grown up dress I had got to wear to date! And then more hours looking for shoes and pashminas and hair accessories. I was so excited about the occaision that marked not only my first ‘proper-grown-up-ball’, but also my last days at school before we all moved on to the next stage in life.

I wish I had more pictures. I wish I could see all the details of my dress – so small in that one photo, and the actual dress long gone in some charity bag. I wish I could remember what my hair looked like from the back, and which shoes I had picked out. I went with my boyfriend (now husband!) in my Dad’s car which he had washed especially – I wish I had a picture! We met our friends and hugged and laughed and had such an amazing night – I wish I had pictures of us all together! And where oh where are the pictures of me all dressed up with my Mum stood next to me proudly – the person who did it all with me (and paid!!!).

It may have been 15 years ago for me, – but things haven’t changed that much when it comes to a girl’s Prom (or ‘Leaver’s Ball’ as it was called back then)! It’s still about the dress, the shoes, the hair and make-up – but also the friends and the ‘what next?’ and the memories. Why not let Holly Rose Photography help you capture these memories so you can look back in 15 or 30 years time and remember all the details. Maybe you’ll even show your daughter one day before her prom – “Look what Mum wore to her prom – Wow things have changed since then!”


Your session can take place on prom night or before. I only offer a limited number of these exclusive sessions each year (max 4 sessions per prom season!) and can also offer only one Prom session per school / prom date, so please confirm your date as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Click here for more details and to book! Gift vouchers are also available and make fantastic Christmas or birthday gifts. You can see an example gallery from a pre-prom session here. Whether it’s you getting ready with your Mum, you and your date or you and a few of your girlfriends – I can’t wait to hear from you!

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