All About Me Me: Henrietta & Misty | Misterton 'My Horse & Me' Photoshoot | Retford

Misty nudged Henrietta cheekily, after more head scratches no doubt! Henrietta laughed and rubbed Misty’s nose. I had no doubts from the second I met them that this pair have an incredible relationship.

Henrietta chose to share her 'All About Me' session with her best friend Misty. Almost-12-year-old Henrietta and 14.1hh. Welsh Section D Misty have been together ‘officially’ since January 2015, although the family knew and loved Misty well before they actually owned her. It’s very clear that the love flows both ways, and Henrietta’s Mum Elizabeth told me that Misty is the most affectionate and sociable horse she has ever known. She loves to be groomed and stroked or just stand around in the family’s company, listening to the chat. She even enjoys the odd spot of horse football! Henrietta and Misty have also enjoyed recent success at the local stables – winning second place in a one day event and third in an adult dressage competition. Their close bond is clearly taking them from strength to strength and I wish them every success together in the future!

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Sally Widdowson

Retford Equine photographer

Holly Rose Photography