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Lets face it – getting your toddler to sit still and smile for long enough to get a photo is no easy task! Not that they aren’t adorable, but they have so much energy it can be tricky to keep their attention. You want those lovely happy photos that capture how gorgeous they are at this age. But they want to be off exploring this new place full of wires and lights and photography equipment with tempting buttons to press – not sitting down in one particular spot or smiling on demand for a stranger. It could be a recipe for disaster. Theres only so many times you can say ‘no!’ before your cute little explorer becomes a tantruming little monster – and although it’s part of everyday life with a toddler you don’t want every photograph to be red faced and tear streaked!

So what’s the answer? Avoid the situation in the first place! Holly Rose Photography offers lifestyle children and family sessions – these take place in an environment familiar to your toddler, in your own home or a favourite family location. We won’t try to ‘pose’ your toddler, but will just let them be themselves: playing, investigating and generally being cute! Because we aren’t trying to get them to do something they don’t want to, tantrums happen less often and everyone feels much more relaxed and cheerful, allowing those happy, cheeky little grins you know and love to come naturally. With Holly Rose Photography your toddler’s own unique personality will shine through and you’ll get pictures that will forever remind you of just how amazing they were at this age. And if a tantrum does happen? Don’t worry! We have over 10 years of experience working with children of this age and we know it’s pretty typical. We even have a few tricks up our sleeves to help distract and re-direct. We don’t expect your toddler to be a perfect little angel (at least not the whole session ) and we don’t expect you to be able to magic them out of a tantrum in 30 seconds flat! If we end up having to wait it out – that’s okay too.

We do know that a bit of preperation can sometimes help avoid those strops, so here are a few more tips for encouraging a happy photoshoot with your toddler:

  1. If your toddler is still used to having a nap, avoid booking a photoshoot just before or during their usual nap time. Timing your shoot to start just after naptime or another part of the day when your toddler is happy and alert is ideal.

  2. Have a stash of snacks on hand! Preferably ones that won’t be too messy or leave stains on fingers or faces (think pale coloured rice snacks rather than flourecent cheesy puffs!) – and have tissues and wipes close by too… lots of them!

  3. If they have a favourite/must have stuffed toy, blanket or comforter and you really don’t want it in the picures, try to get it out of the way before the shoot starts – out of sight out of mind! But if they really must have it try not to worry too much – if its that important to them then you and they might treasure some pictures of them with it when they’re older.

  4. If your toddler has some favourite music to dance to – have it ready to play. Sometimes getting up and having a dance is the easiest way to get those smiles back fast!

  5. If your toddler does get grouchy, try not to stress! We are used to it and we know it’s not always easy being Mum or Dad to a two-year-old! If you get tense they’ll pick up on it and get grumpier! Try to relax and go with the flow.

Do you have any other tips on taming toddlers? Let us know by sharing them in the comments box below or back on our facebook page!

Sally Widdowson

Doncaster Family Photographer

Holly Rose Photography