Morgan - 3 month milestone | Retford Watch Me Grow Photoshoot | Retford Baby Photographer

"I can't believe it, he usually hates being on his tummy!" Kate marvelled.

"Don't worry, we won't push it - but he looks pretty comfy right now doesn't he?!" I replied as I re-focused my lens for another snap of 3 month old Morgan.

This was Morgan's first session of his 'Watch Me Grow' Collection. At three months he was strong enough to old his head up, and awake enough for me to grab some lovely shots of him interacting with Mum, Kate and Dad, Evan. Morgan just drifted off for a little snooze right at the end of his session so I could get some cute sleepy images too.

I can't wait for Morgan's next session when he's sitting up - it's going to be fun watching this cheeky chap grow along with his Mum and Dad. You can see more images from his session below, or see Morgan's 6 month session here.

Find out about my 'Watch Me Grow' Collections here, or drop me a line to book your own session here.

Sally Widdowson

Holly Rose Photography

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