I'm so glad you're here - because that means you have an amazing, wonderful daughter who is about to experience one of the most special evenings in her life so far.

A girl’s Prom is more than just a party - it's about the dress, the shoes, the hair and make-up – but also the friends and the ‘what next?’ and the memories. She'll be so excited to wear her first 'proper grown-up' dress. She'll look so beautiful. Her Dad will look so proud when he sees her coming down the stairs, finally ready! She and you won't want to miss or forget a single thing about that day...


...you need photos!

You could take them yourself - but a day this special needs extra special images. You need to make sure the images record all the feelings and emotions and details, as well as how gorgeous she looks. And you don't want to be stuck behind your camera or phone all day either.


But don't worry - here's where I can help. Capturing beautiful, high quality images of your special little girl and all the important details you've spent so long planning together...

...so you, and she, will always remember.

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