Big Baby Session

Baby Photoshoot

Ideal for babies aged 6 to 12 months. Focused on capturing baby's developing personality in minimalist, timeless images.


1 hour

Your home

£59 session fee

A session for capturing your baby's emerging personality...


Babyhood is so brief - they grow and change in the blink of an eye. Big Baby Sessions aim to capture your child in the period between Newborn and becoming a toddler. Chubby cheeks, toothy grins and wide eyes are all a part of this time in their life that I will encapsulate for you in beautiful, timeless images.

Because they grow so fast...
and you'll want to remember these moments.

The best time for these sessions are when baby is sitting independently but not quite on their feet yet. This is usually between 6 and 12 months. This is also a great session to celebrate their first birthday if you aren't interested in the 'Cake Smash' style sessions you'll have seen. Your child will be the main focus of this session rather than masses of props and accessories.

What people say...

I would highly recommend Sally. The whole process was so easy and we got so many lovely photos of our son despite him teething at the time. Sally was very calm and professional and the photos are so lovely! Wouldn’t hesitate to use Sally again when we want more photos of our son!

Emma x


Book a Big Baby Session:

The session fee is £59 payable at the time of booking. The session fee includes my time spent with you planning and delivering the shoot and producing your proofing gallery. There are no prints or products included in the session fee.  Your client agreement must be digitally signed and submitted along with your paid session fee in order for your session to be confirmed.

The session includes baby only and will take place in your own home - I'll bring everything I need to create a mini studio in your home. If you wish to include parent, sibling or family pictures in your session a half hour mini Family Lifestyle Session can be added on at additional cost to take place in your home or garden - please ask for details.

Your proofing gallery will be available 7 to 10 days after your shoot. Should you wish to purchase your images, there is a £149 minimum spend which can be spent on any individual products from the 'a la carte' menu or put towards a collection of your choice. Once you have selected the images you wish to purchase in either print or digital format, and paid in full, I will artistically edit and retouch your chosen images and upload them to your final gallery.


On viewing your proofing gallery, in the unlikely event you do not like any images, you don't have to make any purchase. All images will be deleted and your session fee will in this case be refunded in full.



Collection 1

20 digital images on USB

8x8 Boxed 8 spread (16pg) Photo Album

£25 voucher towards your next session

£50 voucher towards selected Wall Art



Collection 2

10 digital images on USB

10 Print Folio Box

6x6" Standard Triplex

£25 voucher towards your next session

£25 voucher towards seleceted Wall Art



Collection 3

5 digital images on USB

5 Print Folio Box

£25 voucher towards your next session



Choose any individual products from the A La Carte Menu*

*Minimum spend of £149 applies

Please get in touch with any questions.

I am currently developing a client wardrobe of Big Baby outfits. Please ask me if you would be interested in borrowing one of my outfits for your session. If you purchase your own outfit for the session and I feel it would be a suitable addition for my client wardrobe I may offer to deduct 75% of the cost of your outfit from your Big Baby session if you gift it to me afterwards (proof of purchase cost required). This must be agreed in advance of your session. Please get in touch for further details.