...because the 'every-day' is what life is all about - even the occasional tantrum! Being a parent can be one of the most busy, rewarding (and infuriating!) jobs you will have, and amidst the chaos of family life it can be difficult to make space to stop, breathe, and appreciate the little things. I know that you'll want to remember these moments in the future. So will your children. Investing in beautiful, high quality photographs is the perfect way to preserve these feelings and memories for a lifetime and beyond.


When you choose Holly Rose Photography to help you capture these all important images, you can be safe in the knowledge that I will put my heart and soul into capturing the beautiful and meaningful images you need. When I take photographs for you I believe I am recording your history - your memories that will never fade because you have the pictures to look back on. At heart I am a story teller - and I want to tell your family's story in gorgeous photos that you will want to share with your family and friends and cherish forever.

Because childhood is short...

and they won't stay this way forever!

Holly Rose Photography offers a boutique, full service photography experience, which means I will personally guide you through each step of the way, from planning what to wear and advising how to prepare your child or children for the session, to helping you choose your images and picking the best way to display them in your home. My aim is to create a luxurious and stress-free experience along the way. Find out more about the difference between 'full service' photographers and 'shoot and burn' photographers here.

I strive for all my family lifestyle sessions to be relaxed and fun. These won't be your traditional, studio, 'smile - for - the - camera' photographs, where everyone feels a bit awkward and you somehow don't quite look like 'you'. Yes - we'll get some shots where everyone's looking (because Grandma loves a traditional family portrait!) but most of your images will show your family being your family - smiling, laughing, playing and having fun. Candid images showing natural expressions and allowing your true personalities to shine through. Anything goes during a family lifestyle session with Holly Rose Photography! I want you to show me your 'you' - the way you love each other and interact together as a family - and there’s no better way to do that than when you’re having fun doing what you would normally do together! Want to have a picnic in the back garden? No problem! Shall we head outdoors to your favourite place to play together? I'm there! Maybe you want to spend the day baking with your toddler or perhaps you'd prefer to snuggle up with a story or even bounce on the bed all afternoon? Whatever your family is into right now, I want to capture those memories for you. Because childhood is short, and they won't stay this way forever. During a family lifestyle session with me you won't have to worry about your child 'behaving' or doing as they are told - we'll plan one or two fun 'life inspired' activities to get everyone comfortable - and let everyone be themselves. So they will be happy (even Dad!) and you can relax. Read more about Lifestyle Photography here.


What's included?

All Family Lifestyle Sessions with Holly Rose Photography include:

  • Pre-session advice on planning what to do and where, what to wear and how to prepare your family

  • A one hour photo session (actual time varies dependent on your child(ren) and how things go on the day)

  • Digital download of all gallery images in watermarked Low Resolution format - suitable for viewing on digital devices (phones, computers, tablets etc) and for sharing on social media. (PLEASE NOTE: low resolution files are non-printable)

  • £200 print credit to spend on a print package or items of your choice from my 'A La Carte' print and product menu

When should we book the session?

I usually need a minimum of 4 weeks notice in order to give you the most flexibility with times and dates of session. If you want your session to take place on a particular date please book as far in advance as possible. Some types of lifestyle session require more planning and preparation than others, so make sure you bear this in mind.

Session Fee

The session fee is £249 (£200 of which is returned to you in print credit). Session fees are due in full at the time of booking. Gift Certificates are also available.

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