Ideas for displaying newborn images: Beautiful lay-flat album with matching box.

Updated: Apr 15

So, you've had your newborn session and fallen in love with so many images. What's a doting new parent to do with all these beautiful newborn pictures and too little free wall space at home to display them all?!

You need an album...

And not just any album - this one needs to be special. It is, after all going to be shared with any and every visitor to your home for the next 6 months at least.

Throughout your baby's childhood it will be dug out to show them what they looked like when they were little. Maybe when they start asking questions about babies due to the impending arrival of a baby brother or sister. Perhaps when they have a school project 'all about me' or about their family story.

Later, when they are expecting your first grandchild, it'll come out again when they start to dream about what their own baby might look like. After your precious grandbaby is here it will be needed to help settle the friendly arguments about who's hair grand-baby has inherited or whether their nose is more like Mum or Dad's.

Imagine all those memories prompted and shared and created with this one, special album. It has a lot of work to do! It's going to need to be strong and well made out of high quality as well as pretty materials to stand up to the job. It needs to last. You want it to look gorgeous, feel gorgeous under your fingers, the images need to flow and unfold as you turn the thick, luxurious pages one by one...

I can create this special album for you...

Tell me the images you need to keep and share forever. I'll design a flowing layout that tells the story of your new baby and shows the images off in their full glory. You invested a lot of money in them so they definitely need to look their best!

Tell me the colours and textures of material you love - I'll take the time to help you pick out the ones that compliment each other and tone in with your images.

Tell me the words for the cover and box - baby's first name? Full name? The date of their birth? What do you want to see?

Tell me your 'hero image' - the one you love best that will be given pride of place on the acrylic covers of the album and the matching presentation box.

This album is special. This album is heavy and high quality, handmade from the finest materials. This album has sharp, clear images professionally printed on high-grade, archival quality photographic paper. This album is uniquely created for you and your family alone.

You need this album... And I can make it for you

Albums are available in 8x8inch or 12x12 inch sizes. A range of cover materials and colours are available. Optional acrylic cover images and an optional USB containing digital versions of your images can be included if you wish. Albums can be purchased after your session. They are included within selected collections or are available via the a la carte menu. Please get in touch via my website or email me on if you would like more information.

You can see more of the products I have available here.

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