In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot in Doncaster: Rupert

Updated: May 1

Rupert's parents Harriet and Elliott knew they didn't want the traditional 'posed' newborn images with lots of props. Instead, they wanted images that would feel natural and relaxed. They wanted to include Big Sister Matilda and they also preferred to wait until Rupert was a little older as Mum Harriet was keen for a few 'awake' photos to be included and wasn't so bothered about the more posed style of image.

An In-home lifestyle newborn photoshoot was the perfect choice for their family. These sessions have a much wider window than more traditional 'posed' newborn sessions, which ideally need to take place in baby's first 14 days. Newborn lifestyle photoshoots are suitable for babies up to 3 months old and are generally shorter in length, lasting only 1 to 2 hours rather than the 3 to 4 hours a posed session can take.

Rupert was 4 weeks and 1 day old on the day of his session and raring to go. He gave us a lovely mixture of wide awake, big eyed shots and sleepy snuggles for the family images. He was even sleepy enough to let me steal a couple of simple posed images just in case the family changed their minds and wanted a few (which they did!)

Mum wanted to include some pictures of Rupert in his moses basket. I thought the colourful dots were great and they made for a really lovely image - especially as they picked up on the colours in Rupert's Elmer baby-grow. I love these 'older' newborn sessions as it is possible to get so much more expression from baby - it's amazing how much they grow and change in just a few short weeks.

"When I was looking to hire a photographer I didn't want photography that was too staged or directed. We wanted more natural photos which we got, along with a relaxed photo shoot with a photographer that was so understanding of having a new born baby and was so flexible with timings".

Big Sister Matilda (5 years old) was also a super star, I just had to snap some individual photos of her cheeky grin for Mum and Dad.

Scroll down to see more images from Rupert's session. Mum and Dad were certainly pleased with the outcome:

"Thank you so much for the stunning photos, you've captured everything we asked for".

You can find out more about my in-home lifestyle newborn sessions here, or see more lifestyle newborn images here.

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